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To maximise the success of your organisation our delivered programmes ensure that every leader understands and can apply all six parts of high performance.

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Trainers Programme Packs

To make sure that all of your staff fully understand the six parts of performance, in the most cost effective way, find out about the superb presentation and workshop packages designed specifically for your trainers to deliver.

These packages even come with a full trainers guide, making them ready to use.

In an already busy environment, these can be downloaded and contextualised to your organisation, alleviating the need for your trainers to research and produce their own package. To find out more about these inspiring time saving packs please go here.

Coming very soon, complete strategies for you to gain additional qualifications.

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to manage and attain the accreditation that puts you
ahead of the competition.

performancelandscape empowered

Globally, all organisations, in all sectors, are dealing with a unique, complex and ever changing Performance Landscape – and leading your organisation through it has never been harder. However, the animals in the Serengeti have been successfully managing their ever changing Performance Landscape for thousands of years and we can learn a lot from them, so welcome to the Learning 2 Achieve Ltd. Performance Landscape Leadership Development Programme!

Survival is not easy for these animals and, although the journey on the annual migration starts with a clear focus of moving to greener pastures, it can become chaotic and some don’t make it to the end. As herds of wildebeest become a superherd, predators realise that their food source is easier to obtain. External factors, such as the weather, can also have an impact. At times of heavy rainfall, some rivers may be fuller and harder to cross than normal and, because of the larger amount of water, the greater likelihood of crocodiles! At the end of the journey new animals have been born and everything settles down – for a while.