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Austerity and the Opportunities Ahead


Things are changing fast and the focus is on how the government cuts in spending are going to affect the performance landscape of your organisation.

These packages support the core Performance Landscape programme and provide you with the opportunity for all of your staff to have a shared understanding of the performance issues facing us all.

In line with the main programme, the workshop and the presentation use the six parts of performance. They show how animals from the Serengeti have survived their performance landscape for thousands of years and how we can learn from them. This makes the performance landscape programme highly engaging and memorable, so find out how you can save your organisation time and money whilst improving performance using the presentation and workshop package.



Organisations and the people within them may freeze through fear of the future. However there will be many opportunities for those that see and aspire to grasp them. Both the workshop and presentation will encourage all of your staff to engage with these challenges.

We have included a video on the download page, which gives a shorter overview for trainers about the analogy of the Serengeti animals for these exciting Performance Landscape packages .

In line with government public spending requirements, these packages are deliberately priced to be FAR MORE COST EFFECTIVE than having a member of your training staff research and prepare them. As you will have have seen from watching the video they are of the highest quality, aimed at making the trainers role focused and effective.


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These can be contextualised to your organisation, so start your journey across your Performance Landscape by clicking on any of the images above or the button below and make your selection at the checkout page.