The Programme

H ow are your leaders dealing with their ever changing Performance Landscape?


Are you as bored and uninspired by traditional Leadership Development Programmes as we are?





The Performance Landscape programme


Your journey across your Performance Landscape is not easy – and we want you to make it to the end; so welcome to the unique and successful Leadership Development programme from Learning 2 Achieve Ltd. It consists of six modules; each covering one of the six parts of performance. They have been designed to provide the learning required for all levels of your organisation, to succeed on your journey. Together we can make this programme as unique as your organisation and it provides a common language, about leadership and performance, for all of your staff. We help everyone acquire the skills of the Elephant and whether they are Giraffes, Wildebeest, Lions, Zebras or Rhinos, they will understand their strengths and the strengths of others. Below are the six parts of performance and, with one click, you can see an abstract of each module, together with the core module aims and learning outcomes.




As we embark on the journey across the six modules we start with managing yourself, using lessons from the Elephant The matriarch is master of acquiring knowledge and using this to develop themselves and their herd.



The second module explores how the Giraffe views the landscape and how it uses this information to gain the ‘big picture’ and set the direction for others. This leads us into the world of your organisation and how the direction is set and communicated.





We then look at how resources can be used to maximise performance and learn from the wildebeest, both when in their herd and when they join together, as a super-herd for the annual migration. We discover how herds of Wildebeest work in partnership towards a common goal – and some of their behaviours that humans replicate!



Using Lions as an analogy of working with people may seem strange, but the way that competencies are developed and used for maximum performance can teach us a great deal, together with the pitfalls of the head of the pride becoming inwardly focused.





Zebras are excellent animals at analysing data to achieve results and we explore the benefits – and otherwise – of how this information is used.



Finally we look at the resilience, focus and determination of the Rhinoceros in facilitating change and we also get you to question when to change direction for yourself, your team and your organisation.





In each part we can integrate some or all of the eight factors of performance and, unlike other programs, we make ‘values’ an explicit factor, adding to the uniqueness of our approach. This adds another dimension to the self-awareness part of performance, as any conflict between your personal values and the organisation’s values can be a cause of stress.

Our eight factors of performance are:

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Objectives
  • Targets
  • Measures
  • Improvement Actions

These can, subsequently, be linked to the four elements surrounding the vision and strategy, as shown below.

By combining the parts and factors into these four elements we will show you how to get a strategic picture of your business performance that a Giraffe would be proud of. As we go along the journey we will deal with traditional models, systems and processes as well as visiting the performance behaviours of other animals, such as the crocodile and cheetah.

Accredited Programme

If your organisation would like an Accredited Programme the content and duration of the programme may be determined by the awarding body. We have a number of choices for anyone desiring this option; one of which is to access the University of Portsmouth MSc Leadership and Management qualification.

To discuss your choices, and how we can help your leaders navigate their Performance Landscape, go to our contact us page.