Module 1

Managing yourself

How the matriarch female leads, influences and develops her herd provides us with a formidable lesson on self-development. The elephant is also the animal with the corporate knowledge  and understanding how she ensures the sustainability of this corporate knowledge can teach us a lot.

Core module aims
1.    To examine personal approaches to leading performance improvement.
2.    To explore ethical leadership to achieve high performance.
3.    To comprehend the importance of corporate knowledge and how to protect it.

Learning Outcomes
On completion candidates, like Elephants, will:
1. Have a strategy for their personal development, to meet the challenges of the performance landscape.
2. Understand how ethical leadership can have an impact on other stakeholders’ perception of your organisation’s performance.
3. Be able to recognise their personal approach to leading performance improvement.
4. Recognise the value and methods of developing their staff.
5. Understand the processes of developing and maintaining corporate knowledge.

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