Module 2

Providing Direction

This module deals with how leaders of an organisation set the direction. It will use the analogy of the behaviours of the Giraffe in the Serengeti to look at how the performance landscape is changing and how leaders and managers need to adapt to position their organisations to succeed.

Core module aims
1 To equip candidates with the ability to provide direction for their area of responsibility in support of the context within which their organisation is working.
2 To allow candidates to explore how organisations need to recognise and adapt to changes in the context in which they are working.

Learning Outcomes
On completion candidates will:
1.    Be able to evaluate and map the environment in which they are working with the vision of a Giraffe.
2.    Understand the strategic analysis tools available to identify and deal with changes and uncertainties in the environment in which they operate.
3.    Recognise the importance of communicating their vision to their staff and other stakeholders.
4.    Understand and explore the relationship between strategy and performance.
5.    Identify the various methods of creating strategy and critique the validity of each approach.
6.    Start to reflect on their own leadership style in relation to creating, communicating and implementing their strategy.

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