Module 3

Resourcing for Performance

Wildebeest resource themselves properly for their annual migration around the Serengeti by identifying their performance needs. This module will explore how they do that and how their behaviours can assist leaders in organisations manage their resources and partnerships to maximise their performance.
Core module aims
1.    To enable candidates to recognise how their decisions about resources impact on performance.
2.    To allow candidates to explore how organisations working in partnership can increase their performance to a greater extent than working alone.
3.    To explore alternative resourcing methods in time of hardship

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module candidates will:
1.    Understand the differing kinds of resources available to them.
2.    Recognise the value of working in partnerships and why Wildebeest sometimes appear to be in partnerships.
3.    Understand the principles and challenges of ‘partnered leadership’.
4.    Be able to set performance indicators in line with differing kinds of resources.
5.    Be able to monitor the performance of their resources.

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