Module 4

Working with People

Prides of lions provide valuable lessons in the coordination of their resources, whether it is the dominant male focused on remaining head of the pride or the female hunters who change roles when hunting different species. This module will demonstrate the analogies between their behaviours and that of humans, especially in a working environment.

Core module aims
1.    To provide candidates with a full understanding of how roles and responsibilities can change.
2.    To demonstrate how the coordination of people resources can increase performance outcomes.
3.    To explore how the senior members of an organisation can become too internally focused and the impact this has on performance.
4.    To understand how people resources differ from other resources.

Learning Outcomes
On completion candidates will:
1.    Show Lion traits and be able to demonstrate the importance of employee engagement.
2.    Understand how the differing roles in an organisation can impact on performance.
3.    Understand the importance of developing staff competencies and the methods available to achieve this.
4.    Be able to use the competencies of their staff to maximise performance.

lion medium