Module 5

Achieving Results

The zebra collects and collates information quickly and accurately. It has to – its own survival and the survival of its fellow herd members depend upon it. The long-lasting challenge for the zebra is to be proactive rather than reactive to threats. Now there’s a thought…..
Core module aims
1.    To examine the impact of structures to monitor and measure performance.
2.    To explore the process of external scrutiny on performance.
3.    To comprehend the processes of setting quantitative and qualitative performance measurements.

Learning Outcomes
On completion candidates will:
1.    Be able to understand the structures within their own organisation to monitor and measure performance.
2.    Be able to recognise the similarities and differences in performance measurements in partnership organisations.
3.    Be able to use various methods of data gathering and analysis – just like the Zebra – and how to be proactive in their use – unlike the Zebra.
4.    Understand the benefits and disadvantages of setting targets.

zebra medium